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Welcome to The Yellow Butterfly Jewelry Boutique

Where elegance takes flight in every handcrafted design. I'm Rebecca, the artisan behind each unique piece inspired by the beauty of seasons, nature, and diverse color palettes.

In the heart of Albuquerque, we bring a touch of glamour that stands out in the desert. Unlike the typical Southwest style, our jewelry caters to women who appreciate the sparkle and uniqueness that's often hard to find in this landscape as well as in big box retailers. I personally handcraft every piece using high-end glass beads and durable findings, ensuring not just beauty but lasting quality.

At The Yellow Butterfly, it's more than just jewelry; it's an experience. From the meticulously planned collections to the beautifully packaged boxes, we want you to feel like one of our cherished butterflies, eagerly anticipating the unveiling of each thoughtfully created piece. Join us in this journey where elegance meets uniqueness, and every purchase is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and creativity. 🦋💛

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This Valentine's, enchant your loved ones with a gift that speaks the language of love. Shop now and enjoy 20% off on our exclusive collection. Embrace the spirit of love with our handcrafted treasures, because every love story deserves a touch of magic.


2023 Fall Collection

NEW In the Garden Collection

Introducing 'The Jewelry Chronicles: Autumn's Tales'

Welcome to a realm where every piece is a chapter, and style is an evolving story. Unveil the charm of fall with The Jewelry Chronicles. Take a step into a whimsical realm through a curated series where each piece becomes a portal to a world of captivating tales!

We are so excited to add this fun little blog story series just for you. Grab that pumpkin spice latte and get cozy while we go on a journey into the whimsy realm of fall!

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Pretty in Purple

NEW Bracelet Stack Collection

Handmade with Love

Each pair of earrings is thoughtfully designed and created by hand! Thank you for supporting local small businesses.

  • Mary Ann

    This was my first time ordering earrings and I just wanted to say Thank You! They are such good quality and stunning! I have trouble finding earrings over 3 inches and these fit the bill! I definitely will be ordering again!

  • Sharon W.

    You do incredible work. I ordered a pair of earrings and absolutely love them. Your packaging just goes to show how much you care. I'll be buying from you again in the future!!!

  • Kerry C.

    I ordered 4 pair of earrings, it definitely wasn’t enough! They are very beautiful! I will definitely be ordering more in the future they are very well-made and no matter what your style is you’re gonna find some thing that you really love.When I was ordering these there was a glitch with the computer system, they got right back to me so fast to straighten out the problem and to compensate me for any issues that I ran into. So their customer service is top notch. They should be the poster child for how customer service should be handled by other businesses. They could not have been kinder to me.